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Changes in our ELISA Kit List.

We ar sorry, but we had to delete some of our ELISA kits. WE have been informed by our former supplier, that a range of antibodies will be no longer available. As we have no aternative source, we have to dsicontinue the prodcution of this kits.

New: Long R3 IGF-I ELISA kit

Validated LR3IGF-I RapidTM ELISA Assay:
• Results within 3 hours.
• Range: 3.9 - 200 ng/mL.
• Measure LR3IGF-I levels in production media.
• Check for elimination of LR3IGF-I from final product.
• Cross reaction with human IGF-I is 32%.
• Cross reaction with human IGF-II is less than 0.01%.


Quantitative Western Ligand Blot!

The human western ligand blotting kit is suitable for quantitative analysis. This is offered as a service by Ligandis Gbr. Link to Ligandis.

New: Downloadable Productlist