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Custom Biotinylation Services

Ourcustom biotinylation services for peptides and proteins is based on our biotinylation technology that was developped to yield biologically active peptides. Standard biotinylation methods often result in non-active peptides because the relevant amino acid side-chains are blocked by biotinylation. Initially the metod was developped for Insulin-like growth factors (IGF´s) and analogs. Biotinylated IGF´s and analogs bind to antibodies, Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding-Proteins and their receptors. They are biologically active in-vitro and in-vivo. Applications are development of immunoassays, ligand based assay formats and experimental cell therapy.

Examples and references to scientific papers are found in:

IGF004: Applications of biotinylated IGF´s and analogs

IGF015: Applications of Biotinylated (Biotin-labeled) IGFBP´s.


The price for one custom biotinylation is 286.- Euro plus VAT (VAT is applicable in Europe only) and freight cost. It includes biotinylation of a minimum of 20 µg and a maximum of 100 µg of a peptide or a protein, purification by size exclusion chromatography and lyophilization. For larger quantities of up to 1 mg the price is 390.- Euro plus VAT (in Europe only) and freight cost. For custom biotinylation we cannot give any guarantee on biological or other activities.

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