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Human Pro-IGF-II (aa1 -104), recombinant protein (Receptor Grade)

Pro-Insulin-like Growth Factor-II (aa1 -104), Receptor Grade, recombinant Synonyms: Insulin-like Growth Factor-II Precursor; Insulin-like Growth Factor-2 Precursor; Pro-Insulin-like Growth Factor-2; Pro-IGF-2

Product SpecificationsHuman proIGF-II (aa 1-104):

Description:The IGF-II gene encodes a single transcript which results in an 156 amino acid protein, including an 89 amino acid E-domain. ProIGF-II contains sites of O-linked glycosylation. ProIGF-II is converted to mature IGF-II by sequential cleavage after amino acids 104, 87 and 67. Differential glycosylation and cleavage within the E-domain can therefore result in multiple proIGF-II isoforms.The proIGF-II proteins make up 10-20% of circulating IGF-II. ProIGF-II proteins are secreted by some tumor cell lines and levels are elevated in non-islet cell tumor hypoglycemia.

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References:Duguay, S.J. et al. (1998) J Biol. Chem. 273, 18443-18451.

Source:Produced recombinantly in E. coli.

Purity:> 95% by HPLC and N-terminal sequence

Molecular Weight: 11949 Da

N-terminal sequence analysis:5 residues > 95% single sequence

Biological Activity:Stimulation of protein synthesis in rat L6 myoblasts. Endotoxin:< 0.1 EU/ug

State and Appearance:Lyophilized white powder.Dried from 0.1M acetic acid under dry nitrogen at a slight vacuum (-25 kPa)

Storage/Stability:At least 2 years at 2 - 4oC (lyophillized).

Detection:By Western blot Peptide can be biotinylated by ibt upon request.

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