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Chicken IGF-II, recombinant protein (Receptor Grade)

Insulin-like Growth Factor-II, Chicken, Receptor Grade, recombinant Synonyms: insulin like growth factor-2, IGF-2, Somatomedin A, ILGF2, T3M-11-derived growth factor,

Product Specifications Chicken IGF-II:

The Product: Chicken IGF-II is a polypeptide comprising of 66 amino acids, twelve of which differ from the amino acid sequence of human IGF-II. Chicken IGF-II has been shown to stimulate growth and differentiation in most cell types, including L6 myoblasts and chicken embryo fibroblasts.


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Source: Chicken IGF-II is produced in E. coli and several purification steps are employed to yield Receptor Grade chicken IGF-II.

Purity: >95% (as determined by HPLC)

Molecular Weight: 7512 daltons - confirmed by Mass Spectrometry

N-terminal sequence analysis of recombinant product: 5 residues >95% single sequence.

Biological Activity: (Stimulation of protein synthesis in L6 myoblasts) ED50 <150 ng/ml.

Endotoxin (LAL): <0.1 EU/ug

Storage/Stability: At least 2 years at 2-4° C (lyophilised)

Appearance: White Powder

State: Dried from 0.1 M acetic acid: under dry nitrogen @ slight vacuum (-25kPa)

Reconstitution: Dissolve in dilute acid (e.g. 10mM HCl or 0.1M acetic acid), aliquot and store at -20°C.  For lower dilutions (e.g.<1mg/ml) inclusion of a carrier protein is recommended. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

Reference: Effects of Genotype and Feed Allowance on Plasma Luteinizing Hormones, Follicle-Stimulating Hormones, Progesterone, Estradiol Levels, Follicle Differentiation, and Egg Production Rates of Broiler Breeder Hens. Ongabesan et al. Link to Article.

Peptide can be biotinylated by ibt upon request.

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