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(Arg6) IGF-II, recombinant protein (Receptor Grade)

R6 (Arg6) Insulin-like Growth Factor-II,

Product Specifications:

Description:[Arg6]Insulin-like Growth Factor-II [R6]IGF-II) is an analog of human IGF-II, which has an Arg substitution in place of Glu at position 6 of the IGF-II amino acid sequence. It is therefore the IGF-II equivalent of [Arg3]IGF-I. [Arg6]IGF-II exhibits reduced affinity for IGF binding proteins (IGFBPs) compared with IGF-II and has a slightly greater affinity than Des(1-6)IGF-II for the Type 2 IGF receptor.

References:Francis G. L. et al. (1993) Biochem. J., 293, 713-719
Source:Produced recombinantly in E.coli
Purity:> 95 % (by HPLC and N-terminal sequence analysis)
Molecular Weight:7496 daltons – confirmed by Mass Spectrometry
N-terminal sequence analysis:7 residues > 95 % single sequence
Biological Activity:
Type 2 IGF receptor binding assay: ED50 < 100 ng/ml
IGF binding protein assay: ED50 > 1000 ng/ml
Stimulation of protein synthesis in rat L6 myoblasts: ED50 < 100 ng/ml

Endotoxin: < 0.1 EU/µg

State and Appearance: Lyophilized white powder. Dried from 0.1 M acetic acid and stored under dry nitrogen at a slight vacuum (-25 kPa)

Storage/Stability:At least 2 years at 2 - 4°C (lyophilized) This is a GroPep specification. ibt is authorized distributor of GroPep.

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