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Anti-Rat Sodium Channel A

Anti-Rat subtypes I and TI (Reference) Na channel antibodies were elicited from specific peptides. These subtypes are expressed differentially in specific regions of the brain. The IgG fraction is obtained from a polyclonal antibody raised individually in rabbits against three peptides designated A, B and C. Therefore these antibodies are able to recognize the rat-derived Na channels. Each individual antibody was purified by affinity chromatography using Protein G-Sepharose. This polyclonal antibodies recognizes the type I and II Sodium channel (irnrnunoprecipitation). Crossreactivity with other Na Channels have been observed with other mammalian species. Reference: Gordon, D. et al, Proc. Nat'. Acad. Sci. (U.S.A.) 84 8682-8686 (1987).

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