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Anti-Human Insulin Receptor (83-7) alpha chain

The human Insulin Receptor antibody 83-7 is a murine monoclonal antibody which recognises an epitope within amino acids 140-301 (the cysteine rich region) of the extracellular portion of the human insulin receptor. Mice were immunized with transfected 3T3 cells overexpressing the human insulin receptor. It does not cross-react with the human Type 1 IGF receptor nor the rat insulin receptor. Enhances insulin binding to the insulin receptor of 3T3 cells, and insulin stimulated 3H-thymidine and 2-deoxyglucose uptake by these cells. Characterized for immunoprecipitation and EIA. Use at a dilution of 1/5,000 for immunoassays.

 Datasheet for Anti-Human Insulin Receptor (83-7) alpha chain

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