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Anti-human Adiponectin, mouse monoclonal

Several Clones available

Product Specifications Monoclonal Mouse Anti-human Adiponectin:

Clones: Adn20, Adn23, Adn27, Adn36, Adn63, And 94, And97, Adn130

Description: Clones have been derived from hybridization of Sp2/0 myeloma cells with spleen cells of Balb/c mice immunized with human recombinant adiponectin from E. coli (Clones Adn20 and Adn23) or with native human adiponectin (Clones Adn27, Adn36, Adn63, Adn94, Adn97, Adn130) .

Specificity: Human serum adiponectin.

IgG2a for Clones Adn63, Adn94, Adn97
IgG2a for Clones Adn20, Adn23, Adn27, Adn36, And130

Applications: Clones Adn20, Adn23 and Adn63 react with human serum adiponectin in Western blotting.
Clone Adn23 recognises the whole spectrum of oligomeric forms of adiponectin after non-heating, non-reducing SDS-PAGE.
Recommended pairs for total adiponectin immunodetection in sandwich immunoassay
Adn36 - Adn27
Adn63 – Adn94
Adn94 – Adn63
Adn97 – Adn94
Adn63 – Adn130

Recommended pair for high/medium molecular weight adiponectin immunodetection in sandwich immunoassay (coating – conjugate):
Adn20 – Adn23

Purification: Chromatography on protein A Sepharose

Formulation: PBS, pH 7.4, < 0.1 % sodium azide (NaN3).

Storage: + 4 °C.

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